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    Facilitating the Full Potential of Your Organization!

    drumsLaura offers an exciting Team Building program called “Drum Power™”! Her program is about experiencing teamwork in action! Laura’s facilitation anchors high performance team behaviors that can easily be transferred to the workplace. “Drum Power™” provides powerful and lasting benefits, such as enhanced productivity, creativity and the long term success of the organization.

    We look forward to working with your organization to create a program specifically designed to meet your team’s goals. The “ Team Rhythm”™ program can function as an integral part of larger ongoing training program or stand alone as a powerful teambuilding tool.


    Activate, Direct & Manage Energy

    “Drum Power™” programs are a guided process of creating music as a group. THer process increases teamwork within your organization and incorporates the essential elements of a first rate team:


    • Cooperation vs. Competition
    • Active Listening & Two Way Communication Skills
    • Synergistic Coordination
    • A One Pointed Focus upon the Group Goal
    • Enhanced Peer Relationships


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    The “Drum Power™” Drum Circle allows each individual to experiences the success of making a unique contribution toward the greater goal of creating a powerful “group song”. The program is praised for it benefits:


    • Employee Enthusiasm
    • Enhanced Peer Relations
    • Memorable Teamwork Experience
    • Sense of Camaraderie and Synergy
    • “Whole becomes greater than it’s parts”


    “Drum Power™” demonstrates first hand how a “Company” can function as a “Community” with each person playing their part and working together as one.

    The program is 100% accessible to everyone, at all levels of the organization. And it’s fun!!


    Program Includes:

    “Drum Power™” Drum Circle with Master Facilitator

    Drums: A Spectacular collection of 750 Remo Drums & World Percussion Instruments (Instruments provided for events up to 3,000 participants)

    Introductory Hand-Drumming Workshop: Learn how to drum, even if you never drummed before, in tHer fun & easy introductory program.


    * Optional Custom Drum Samples and Percussion Instruments: You may custom order Drums and World Percussion Instruments with your organizations logo, slogan, or event name and custom artwork of any kind. These may be purchased as gifts, awards, for use in future events at your organization or as a memorabilia of your event. Including: Frame Drums, Gathering Drums, Tambourines, Shakers, Desktop Drums, Djundjuns Djembes.

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    Rhythm Journey Retreats

    Enhance your next corporate retreat with the full sounds of your team drumming together. Participants will discover high performance team skills through large group circles, break out groups, and creative expression exercises. Your team will have the opportunity to gather all the benefits of Laura’s Team Building program and also enjoy Entertainment during your retreat, whether it’s a full weekend or half day event!

    They will explore group dynamics, enhance two way communication, and cultivate leadership skills. Laura’s workshops and team building exercises build a sense of community your team has never experienced before!


    Retreat Programs Include:

    • Large & Small Group Team Building
    • In-Depth Breakout Groups
    • Risk Taking Exercises
    • Goal Setting Exercises
    • Music Making
    • Entertainment
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  • Corporate social responsibility partnerships

    We deliver teambuilding workshops in the corporate environment and workshops that promote wellbeing within the public sector. Through music, we enlighten people and improve the quality of life within the wider reach of good citizenship, presenting charitable, fun and educational workshops to enrich people and organisations on your behalf. Our unique approach affirms your corporate citizenship values, engages your employees with a genuine commitment to social responsibilities, and builds a sense of community with your business and its partners.

    Whether through donations or as a corporate sponsor, you enable musical opportunities of fulfilment and enjoyment for those in need of respite and charitable outreach.Laura is currently involved with supporting the Snowdrop Trust, a West Sussex charity providing home care for children with terminal illness, and has delivered performance events supporting Macmillian Cancer Support.